Teaching 4 1/2 easy steps for following direction.

Things have been a lot smoother here since I implemented some very simple steps to help my kids follow directions. My friend gave me an article  I couldn’t recall all the details  but… Continue reading

Why I keep a Camping Journal

9 Years ago this September we bought a camper and took it on it’s Maiden Voyage. As I was purchasing groceries for the trip a bolt of inspiration came to me. GET A… Continue reading

5 steps to organizing any drawer,closet,room, house

Here are 5 simple steps to tackle any room, closet drawer or space and find order.  1.   Decide the Purpose of the Space Envision what it will look like in order. What… Continue reading

Tinted Glasses What are you not seeing?

In a class I took from  Laura Sonderegger  she gave us a visual lesson on selective seeing. She had a classmate put on red tinted glasses  and handed her a sheet of paper… Continue reading

Ring around the HOUSE!! the remedy

You have heard of Ring around the Collar. Ring around the house is the same concept. Just on a Larger Scale. A collection of tiny fingerprints about the height of a four-year old… Continue reading

Second Third Fun, What place did you get?

The start of the BMX season reminds me of Carter’s first year racing. He raced with 5 other 4 year olds in the training wheel class. Guided and sometimes pushed by parents all… Continue reading

Time To Let Go

Do you have something you have been hanging on to even though every time you see it you go through waves of guilt, pain, or regret? Sometimes our things are more than things,… Continue reading

How to score cheap paint

Do you want to paint but lack the $$$$ Most Commercial paint stores have a large “oops” section. Loads of paint called  ”mis-tints”  that for one reason or another are the wrong color… Continue reading

The Progression of an Art Quilt with Commentary

The Art that is within me…somewhere originally Posted on June 20, 2011 by Kayla For the Last 10 years, at least, I have wanted to make a portrait quilt.  Not the kind where… Continue reading

How to accept a compliment, 5 responses to use without self-depreciating language.

Do you find it awkward to accept a compliment? You look great today. I love your hair. I like your shirt. Great job on your presentation. I love your painting. Good job in… Continue reading

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