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Envy, a Pit Stop on the Road to Success?

The most self-confident individuals can find themselves being envious of others at times. Envy doesn’t have to be isolated to material wealth. We can be jealous of others’ positions, talents, accomplishments, the number… Continue reading

Running on Empty

  My father taught me well. “Always keep your tank full. Do not let it drop below half-way.” He was helpful to point out that having the fuel drop below a half tank… Continue reading

Mastery Muscle

I have been pondering quite a bit lately on self-mastery as it relates to self-confidence. Since confidence is defined thusly (yes, I just threw down thusly): I propose that to be self-confident is to… Continue reading

“….and I don’t need the Internet!” how to be a lifelong online learner

It is pinewood derby time! My 8-year-old is so excited about his car. Jason and I discussed Googling how to make a pinewood derby car as he unpackaged the simple rectangle of wood… Continue reading

Using Pinterest to create a Vision Board

Pinning on Pinterest can be very fun and exciting! For those readers unfamiliar with Pinterest, it is a website that allows you to index information from all over the web and categorize in… Continue reading

The Ugly truth behind Facebook, Blogs, Pinterest and Instagram

Wowsa,  What a headline right? Let me start off by letting you know I love Social Media, I love that anyone can sit down at their computer at any time of the day… Continue reading

5 phrases of a better apology : beyond the words “I’m Sorry”

My husband almost broke up with me while we were dating.  It was after playing the game ‘Sorry’- because he didn’t think I was sorry when I said “Sorry”. He was probably right,… Continue reading

Why I keep a Camping Journal

9 Years ago this September we bought a camper and took it on it’s Maiden Voyage. As I was purchasing groceries for the trip a bolt of inspiration came to me. GET A… Continue reading

Ring around the HOUSE!! the remedy

You have heard of Ring around the Collar. Ring around the house is the same concept. Just on a Larger Scale. A collection of tiny fingerprints about the height of a four-year old… Continue reading

Time To Let Go

Do you have something you have been hanging on to even though every time you see it you go through waves of guilt, pain, or regret? Sometimes our things are more than things,… Continue reading

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