Category Archive: Getting to Know Me.

Mastery Muscle

I have been pondering quite a bit lately on self-mastery as it relates to self-confidence. Since confidence is defined thusly (yes, I just threw down thusly): I propose that to be self-confident is to… Continue reading

Tinted Glasses What are you not seeing?

In a class I took from  Laura Sonderegger  she gave us a visual lesson on selective seeing. She had a classmate put on red tinted glasses  and handed her a sheet of paper… Continue reading

Second Third Fun, What place did you get?

The start of the BMX season reminds me of Carter’s first year racing. He raced with 5 other 4 year olds in the training wheel class. Guided and sometimes pushed by parents all… Continue reading

How to like YOU: 5 Steps to Healthier Self Esteem

I have always loved the phrase: “To know me is to love me”. I think the same thing is true  when wanting to love yourself.  Here are some basic steps to get to… Continue reading

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