Envy, a Pit Stop on the Road to Success?

suit-673697_1920The most self-confident individuals can find themselves being envious of others at times.

Envy doesn’t have to be isolated to material wealth. We can be jealous of others’ positions, talents, accomplishments, the number of likes or shares on Facebook, blog followers, or their ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Envy shows up when people feel there is limited supply and someone else has just cornered the market.

I have noticed that one symptom of envy is criticism. “What makes them so special?” “I could do better!” We find it easy to criticize others while the underlying root of the problem has everything to do with self-criticism.

Envy can show its ugly head at any age or stage in our lives. It can be pretty revealing about what is happening in our own journey.

Maybe someone you know has pursued their dreams with vigor while you seem stuck in the “someday” phase. Perhaps this person seems to be moving at top speed while you feel like you are only idling.

They have broken barriers while you scratch your head while deciding whether to go under, over, or through them.

You have taken the measuring stick of what you find important and have applied it to others, feeling like you haven’t measured up but they have. We are not often envious of the success of others in areas of life that are not important to us. I am not jealous of the title holder of the world’s longest beard or the champion of downing the most hot dogs at a single sitting. When the success is in the same arena of our desires then we can be more prone to envy.

If you find yourself being critical of someone in your life it might be seen as an opportunity to discover why you are feeling critical or invidious. What beliefs do you have that may have created these feelings of covetousness? Typically the answers are only about us and not the other person at all.

Do you feel like you are not good enough?

Are others doing what you want to be doing? Do you feel like there isn’t room enough for you?

Maybe you are feeling stuck or frustrated in some area of your life?

Recognizing your envy may be just the signpost you need to point you in a new direction, a change of belief.  one-way-street-1113973_1920.jpg

Although the reasons may be varied, pondering on the “why” behind jealousy and envy can be beneficial.

There is enough to go around. Multiple voices are needed to share the same message, each in its own unique way. If someone has smashed through one of your stumbling blocks, then come to a space where you can ask for direction and seek help. Become inspired by the accomplishments of others. Motivated, challenged in the most positive way.

Moving to a position of rejoicing in another’s victories can actually propel you towards success. It opens you up to abundance, creating a synergy among others that allows knowledge and triumph to come into your life.

If you notice feelings of envy, stop and ask yourself what this really is about.

Success isn’t an exclusive club; anyone can join. The price of admission isn’t envy, but self-discovery.


For an excellent article on envy from Psychology Today, visit here.