The Shepherd who stayed


Was there a shepherd who stayed on that wondrous night,

while legions were singing in Joyous Delight?
Was there a shepherd who stayed to watch over the sheep,
as the others earnestly hastened the Christ Child to seek?
Did the shepherd who stayed have to hush his own desire
and tend  to his sheep  ’round his protective fire?
The shepherd who stayed watching with great care,
 understood  why the Savior came there.
For although good and true are the shepherds
who hastened to the child’s side,
Surely the shepherd who stayed with his sheep that night
Will be approved in the Master Shepherd’s sight.
 For the Savior willingly left the Angels who sing
to be with his sheep their salvation to bring.
The Savior too had to deny his self-will,
so wandering sheep could find the Father still.
The Savior came to protect us from Danger
though the world did not know it as He laid in a manger.
“If ye love me feed my sheep” the scriptures say.

What can we learn from the Shepherd who Stayed?