Monthly Archive: April, 2015

“….and I don’t need the Internet!” how to be a lifelong online learner

It is pinewood derby time! My 8-year-old is so excited about his car. Jason and I discussed Googling how to make a pinewood derby car as he unpackaged the simple rectangle of wood… Continue reading

Using Pinterest to create a Vision Board

Pinning on Pinterest can be very fun and exciting! For those readers unfamiliar with Pinterest, it is a website that allows you to index information from all over the web and categorize in… Continue reading

Shower, cupboard, and closet turned office

I love before-and-afters, but sometimes you have to stop and celebrate the middles, too! After all, are we not all in the middle of doing or becoming something?  🙂 We had a hallway… Continue reading

You’re not the BOSS Of ME!

No one likes to be bossed around. Lately I have noticed my children talk to each other in demands (Give me…)  instead of (Will you …?) As peers we should be talking to… Continue reading

How I told my Son he has Aspergers

How I learned my son has Asperger     Carter has always been….. Carter.   Since he was a toddler  my family and close friends  have only been able to sum it up  with his… Continue reading

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