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Envy, a Pit Stop on the Road to Success?

The most self-confident individuals can find themselves being envious of others at times. Envy doesn’t have to be isolated to material wealth. We can be jealous of others’ positions, talents, accomplishments, the number… Continue reading

Running on Empty

  My father taught me well. “Always keep your tank full. Do not let it drop below half-way.” He was helpful to point out that having the fuel drop below a half tank… Continue reading

Mastery Muscle

I have been pondering quite a bit lately on self-mastery as it relates to self-confidence. Since confidence is defined thusly (yes, I just threw down thusly): I propose that to be self-confident is to… Continue reading

How to KEEP Your Resolutions

RESOLUTION TIME Here are my 5 tricks to making a resolution stick: 1.  SET ONLY ONE GOAL I know, the over-achiever in us wants to tackle all our shortcomings at once, and what better time to… Continue reading

Kitchen Klutter

Oh my, kitchen clutter! If you, like me, have neglected the kitchen drawers for awhile you may be wondering how certain peculiar items ended up among your spatulas. Today is the day to… Continue reading

Porter’s Point of View : How to get your brother up.

My brother Parker has a problem with getting up in the morning on the weekends. So I take upon myself to get him up. It just ends up with a trash bag on… Continue reading

It’s going to be Okay

  My sister sent me a picture of this quote she found in a doctor’s office. The message: “Everything is going to be okay.” She was having a few tests done that could… Continue reading

The Shepherd who stayed

Was there a shepherd who stayed on that wondrous night, while legions were singing in Joyous Delight? Was there a shepherd who stayed to watch over the sheep, as the others earnestly hastened… Continue reading

All that and the Kitchen Sink

You wouldn’t think that going outside your comfort zone would make you feel more confident, but it is an excellent way to build confidence. Taking a step into the unknown can be scary… Continue reading

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